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+ Do I Need ID at Delivery?

To ensure we are delivering your alcohol responsibly and to the right person we require photo identification upon delivery. We will cross reference this with your order details for verification.

+ Why Isn't Liquora Drive in My Area?

Liquora Drive is only available in areas where we can ensure delivery in 45 minutes. We are working hard to expand to more areas soon! Our delivery radius spans inner-Calgary suburbs, which allows us to deliver on our promise of having your drinks to you as fast as possible.

+ Do You Deliver to Offices?

Of course, we do! Friday night drinks will never be the same with Liquora Drive. Schedule your drinks to arrive cold when you need it or on demand.

+ How Does Liquora Drive Deliver Alcohol In Minutes?

Liquora Drive is always in a hurry to ring the doorbell. We’re eager to do it in as much less time as we can take. We deliver alcohol in minutes to the customer. Through a simple process of a few clicks, the customer gets his bottle in his hands. It's that simple and it's ridiculously fast. Here’s how it's done: Customer picks his bottle from the menu, adds it to the cart, proceeds to check out, makes payment and that’s all from his side. Rest of the work is done by us. We pick the best courier available near you in Calgary, and deliver the Liquor in minutes.

+ What is the minimum order for delivery?

We want Liquora Drive to be as accessible as possible, so our minimum order is $20, for both on-demand and pre-orders.

+ Why do you ask for my Date of Birth?

We require your date of birth at registration to verify your age for deliveries. Remember, we are delivering alcohol, so it's in everyone's interest that we follow the law and execute responsible service.

+ What Are Your Operation Hours?

Liquora Drive is available for delivery in the Calgary area from 10 am to till 1 am. Our online store is open 24/7 to schedule orders for delivery ahead of time within these hours.

+ Alcohol Delivery Near Me?

We all love partying; it makes us forget everything. We dance, laugh, scream, play and much more. And as for us, We love people who party hard, people who can keep their energy full all night. Because, parties depend on flow and once the flow breaks, they end. The dance must not stop, the games must not stop, the woo-howing must not stop and the bottles must not get empty. Liquora Drive doesn't let the party stop. Our online store is open 24/7 to schedule orders for delivery ahead of time within these hours. We never let you get out of stock of your favorite drink.